Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lactose Intolerance

I know that being lactose intolerant isn't the end of the world but I have to say that it sucks! I've always been sensitive to anything dairy, but I could still manage to eat it and not feel like I'm dying. I always thought that I would out grow it sooner or later, but it seems that the opposite has happened, I can now eat nothing with dairy in it without getting really sick or puking. So I've been trying to cut out all cheeses and anything with milk in it but sometimes you just get the craving for ice-cream (sherbet doesn't always cut it) or cereal or yogurt. So I've been on the search for good tasting dairy alternatives, now I've tried soy milk and I've got to say...I can't stand it, it just tastes icky to me. But I found something that I like and is quite yummy. I'm super happy to able to have cereal as an option again!
Pacific Natural Foods

This stuff to me is the closest texture and consistency to milk I've found so far, but I am going to try all the other milk alternatives I can to see what is better tasting. Now that I've got my cereal back I wanted to find ice-cream that I could eat and that would taste good. So I gave this a try...

So Delicious

and I love it! it tastes pretty close to real ice-cream without it having any dairy in it, I could seriously eat this all day! It beats eating only sherbet whenever you are craving ice-cream, and they have more flavors than just vanilla and chocolate to choose from so I'm super happy about this awesome find! I'm excited to try all the other flavors and other types of dairy free ice-cream too. Now I was walking down the refrigerated section at my local health food store and saw this...


yes it's "yogurt", I've got to say I was pretty nervous to try this and excited at the same time because I used to love yogurt. Now when I first opened it up and looked at it I about just threw it away it looked nasty, but after I mixed it up really good, it looked edible, no it didn't really look totally like yogurt, but it smelled like yogurt and it tasted pretty good. It had small coconut chunks in it and as long as I didn't look down at it I was glad I was able to eat "yogurt" again. Now they had different brands of "yogurt" so I might give them a try, but for now I liked this one. I'm excited that I can have some of my favorite foods back!

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