Sunday, November 10, 2013

DIY Banner!

I know I have done a tutorial on how to make your own banner before on here. This time I used a different method.

  • 1 white curtain (or light colored or see through-ish fabric)
  • 1 container of black acrylic craft paint (or whatever color you want)
  • 1 small brush
  • pen
  • printer
  • Microsoft Publisher (or something that allows you to print large letters and make a poster)
  • printed out design (poster)
  • iron
  • cardboard the size of poster (I used two foam boards from the dollar store)
  • tape
  • paper cutter or scissors
  • Decide on the font and size of your words and print them out as a large poster (whatever size you are wanting)
  • Cut the papers so that there is no gap between the pages (so it looks like a poster when put together with no seems)
  • tape them together to make your poster

  • now tape the poster to the cardboard 
  • now lay down your curtain over your cardboard and letters where you want them to be 
  • iron the area you are going to use
  • now you are ready to trace the letters with your pen! go slow and steady!
  • done tracing? good, now you are ready to bust out the paint!
  • I outlined my whole design first and then went back once it was dry and filled it in. 
  • and bam just let it dry over  night....or use a blow drier if you are impatient like me and there you have it a custom banner!!
I have 3 indoor cats...they tried to help A LOT. I would suggest to do this project in a separate room from small children or pets. They might try to help out during the paining part and get paint all over your project ;)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Kid's Activity Flash Cards

I have been thinking of things to do for my classes that can engage my kids to exercise and still have fun. So I went to the dollar store and bought a package of blank name strips. I cut them in half and punch a hole near the edge and put them on a binder ring. I wrote things like skip, waddle, twirl, etc. You can write different things like chores or game ideas. It would be great for when the kids say they're bored!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kid's Activity Wheel

I was looking through Pinterest and saw this pin to make a P.E. activity wheel.
So I set out to make my own for my classes.
I went to my local dollar store and I found a game spinning wheel in the teacher craft section.
Luckily I already had a foam poster board I got at the dollar store a while back and some fun scrapbook paper stashed in my craft room.  
I cut out a square out of the foam board and using Mod Podge I glued some scrapbook paper onto it. I then cut out the circle out of the spinning wheel and traced it on the foam board and cut it out.
Now I measured my circle and using Publisher I made a circle and using clip art I added some stretches. Although you can add whatever you'd like, you can use it for chores, homeschooling, etc.
Now that you printed out your circle. Glue it onto your cardboard circle and cut out the small hole in the center.
Take apart the spinner and using hot glue, glue down the base of the spinner onto the square base.
This way if I ever want to change out the circle for other activities I can simply take it apart.
And that's it now you have an activities wheel!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Wire Wrapped Cabinet Pull

I am slowly remodeling the studio bathroom, on a budget of course. And the cabinet handle that was there was pretty ugly. Pained several times and the paint was chipping. So I set out to find the perfect cabinet pull that was fun and colorful. Being my picky self I couldn't settle on one that I liked both in looks and price so instead of going out and buying one I decided to make the existing one pretty. Now I could of easily just spray painted it and bam it would have been done in under 2 minutes. But I wanted something unique so I set out to wire wrap the handle in some pretty green beads! It was incredibly easy! I first sanded down the handle (more like my husband did it for me) and then I started wrapping! I thought it would go with the purple bathroom. Not to mention this project cost me nothing since I already had all the materials on hand. (the color is "grape juice" by Valspar)