Sunday, November 10, 2013

DIY Banner!

I know I have done a tutorial on how to make your own banner before on here. This time I used a different method.

  • 1 white curtain (or light colored or see through-ish fabric)
  • 1 container of black acrylic craft paint (or whatever color you want)
  • 1 small brush
  • pen
  • printer
  • Microsoft Publisher (or something that allows you to print large letters and make a poster)
  • printed out design (poster)
  • iron
  • cardboard the size of poster (I used two foam boards from the dollar store)
  • tape
  • paper cutter or scissors
  • Decide on the font and size of your words and print them out as a large poster (whatever size you are wanting)
  • Cut the papers so that there is no gap between the pages (so it looks like a poster when put together with no seems)
  • tape them together to make your poster

  • now tape the poster to the cardboard 
  • now lay down your curtain over your cardboard and letters where you want them to be 
  • iron the area you are going to use
  • now you are ready to trace the letters with your pen! go slow and steady!
  • done tracing? good, now you are ready to bust out the paint!
  • I outlined my whole design first and then went back once it was dry and filled it in. 
  • and bam just let it dry over  night....or use a blow drier if you are impatient like me and there you have it a custom banner!!
I have 3 indoor cats...they tried to help A LOT. I would suggest to do this project in a separate room from small children or pets. They might try to help out during the paining part and get paint all over your project ;)