Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wire Wrapped Bangle Tutorial!

I've gotten a couple people asking me "how did you make that?!" so today I wanted to show you and try to explain to you how I do it! so here we go!

  1. Hammer (doesn't have to be a pink one)
  2. side cutting pliers
  3. needle nose pliers
  4. anvil (or any hard metal surface)
  5. heavy gauge wire (I just grabbed the heaviest the craft store had, I think it's 16 or 18 gauge not sure)
  6. thin gauge wire (I used 28 gauge wire)
  7. measuring tape
  8. binder clip
  9. glass beads
  10. some more beads!

first measure your wrist

now take that measurement and cut two pieces of the heavy gauge wire 

now bend them into a "U" shape making sure they are both similar in shape

now take the needle nose pliers and curl the ends in to make a loop, do that for both ends on both pieces of wire

now lightly hammer the ends

they are slightly flat, not pancake flat

now put both of the pieces together with the loops facing away from each other

this is where I used the binder clip to hold the two wires together in the position I wanted while I wrapped

now while you have the binder clip giving you a hand, start wrapping the thinner gauge wire on the side that you have the binder clip on. I personally used about 10 inches of the thing wire to wrap the two heavier gauge wires together.

now I lightly hammered the place where I wrapped the wire around just to give it a more flat look and feel. Do this for the other side.

now you can take as long or as short of wire (thin gauge) and string your bead and just start wrapping it onto your bangle form that you have already made

it should look something like this

you can have fun with it and string two beads at once or use different sized beads, just have fun with it!
and you're done! after you put all the bigger beads on there you can decide to "fill in the gaps" with smaller beads or just leave it how it is!

the colors remind me of the sea and the ends how they curl outward remind me of a mermaids tail :)

I hope this was somewhat easy to follow! 


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