Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Simple Dangley Earring Tutorial

Ok, so this is my first earring tutorial, so please bear with me :)

  1. anvil (or hard metal surface)
  2. hammer
  3. a marker or a thicker thing to wrap your wire around
  4. a pencil or a smaller sized object to wrap wire around
  5. pliers
  6. needle nosed pliers
  7. side cutting pliers
  8. wire jig
  9. 20 gauge wire
  10. beads
  11. saftey glasses!
  12. optional not pictured (store bought fish eye hooks)
why did I choose 20 gauge? well i've noticed that anything smaller is too flimsy when making the fish eye hooks and anything bigger is just too thick. If you are using store bought fish eye hooks you can skip to the part where you make your jump rings. REMEMBER TO WEAR YOUR SAFTEY GLASSES!!!

take your needle nose pliers and your wire and make a loop

so it looks like this

then take your wire jig and make a fish eye hook shape (this will take some playing around with I used one of my existing earrings as a template for the hook, OR you can use the store bought hooks you can find at any craft store)

now that you have your shape use your side cutters to cut the wire

now that you have your fish eye hook use your hammer and anvil to lightly hammer the hook to stiffen it's shape

now that you have one hook, repeat to make a second one!

now to make a jump ring, use your pencil to wrap your wire around to make two rings, use your wire cutters to cut them, now open them up enough so you can stick beads onto the wire

after you have your beads on the wire close up the gap using your needle nosed pliers

now thread a bead onto your wire like this

now make a loop at the end of the wire with your needle nosed pliers

now cut like 3/4 or 1/2 an inch and make another loop with your needle nosed pliers

now using your needle nosed pliers open up both of the loops you just made and attach the bead onto the hook you made and on the other attach it to the wire cirlcle with beads

now using your marker wrap your wire around it to make two rings and again lightly hammer them to strengthen their shape. Now open the circles up a little, enough to put it through the eye at the bottom of the bead. Close the circles up. And you're done!  

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