Monday, May 14, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

This weekend was crazy! Although I think they are going to be for the next several months. But that is a good thing, i'm one of those people that can't stand to sit in one spot for too long. It drives me absolutely NUTS!! I really don't know how people can sit around and do nothing all day (i.e watch TV or play video games 24/7) I literally feel like ripping my hair out if I am sitting down on the couch on the computer or watching TV for too long, I think my max is 3 hours before I have to get up and do something else. It might explain why we don't go out to the movies much. Anyways, I got off topic. Here are a few pictures of what I did this weekend.
Warning: I took a TON of pictures! So prepare yourself!  :)

On Friday the kids had a performance for Honor Senior Day and they danced Los Viejitos

they also had some of  the little kids dressed up in full Native American attire and danced it was so cute!

on Saturday I went hiking with a few friends to Smith Rock and it was amazing! The day couldn't have been more perfect!

after I touched him he ran I took a picture of him before he completely disappeared

On Sunday the kids were asked to dance at the local church to help celebrate mother's day

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