Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In Loving Memory...

Well yesterday morning someone ran over our cat Key, it was so hard to see him lying there that all I could do is cry. I remember when we first got him, we were in Klamath Falls and this lady Brian worked with asked us if we would like a cat because she was moving and didn't want to have to take him with her, we obviously said yes not knowing how much that cat would change us. When we went to pick him up that same day I was ecstatic. Key was a stray that the lady fed and fell in love with. Key became an indoor outdoor kitty. When we moved up to Madras, Key hated the 3 hour drive in his cat carrier, but he forgave us. He loved being on the farm, he would catch birds and mice and bring them up to the house for us to see. He was such an awesome cat. He was so quirky, it only made him just that more awesome. Every time we would come home he would somehow know and he'd run up to the gate and "attack" the gate by scratching it and then run over to the tree and "attack" the tree and then he would look back at us and run to the door for "inside time". He loved "inside time". Sometimes when he wanted to come inside and he wanted our attention, Key would sit in front of our kitchen window and just sit there and wait for someone to see him.  And somehow he always knew whenever you were cooking with cheese, because he could be totally passed out on the couch and once you opened the fridge and took out the cheese he sprinted across the house to the kitchen and look up at you and meow at you for some cheese. And every time I got out of the shower Key would somehow know it was me and not Brian coming out of the shower and run into the bathroom and look up at me and start meowing like crazy wanting me to pet him. Sometimes he ran into the bathroom when Brian got out of the shower, he'd just look up at him and walk away. I have no idea why he did that, but that was Key, he was just cute that way. When Brian finished burying him yesterday when he came home from work, and we turned around to go inside, it was the worst feeling I've ever  had, I was empty, numb. I felt like I was abandoning my poor little Key, he was more than a cat, or a pet to us, he was apart of our family. And to have to bury him and then leave him there, all I could do was cry even more. Later that night we both went out to get food, we didn't feel like cooking plus it was already 11 something pm, and I thought as we were going out our back door, "I wonder if Key is gonna want to come in tonight?", before I realized that he was never going to come home. We were so lucky to have had him. He was truly the best cat ever. We will miss him so much. We love you Key.

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