Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bathroom Show & Tell

We live in a two bedroom, one bath mobile home that is on my husbands' grandparents' property; and it's the perfect size for the two of us just one was made in like the 70's so there is bright green carpet and wood paneling on the walls and on three walls of the house there was this horrid bright green paisly-ish patterned wallpaper. Slowly but surley we have been trying to upgrade our house. The first room we had to do was the bathroom because when we first moved in it hadn't been lived in for years so we didn't have water and we didn't have a septic system..but now we do!  And the shower leaked to the outside which is never a good thing so my hubby tore it all down and properly insulated and sealed everything. A couple of months ago I painted the bathroom this awesome grey color that I found in the miss-tint isle for a few dollars and now we have no more ugly green wallpaper and I painted over the paneling so it looks way way better. Sorry I didn't take before pictures, it was just too horrible.

The now mirror used to be a butt ugly picture but with a cool frame so my husband had it be turned into a mirror for me. And the cabinet doors used to be this lightish brown color and the rest of the cabinet was this yellowish was really horrible. So I painted the back a nice brown and stained the wood cabinets a nice dark brown, the reason I had to paint the other is because it isn't real wood facing it has this vaneer, I learned that when the stain would just not do anything to it. But I think overall it looks pretty good.

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