Monday, July 30, 2012

Dear Blogger,

Today I tried to write a post and of course upload pictures, when I get this message saying that I can't post any pictures because I have run out of room on Picassa and I will have to buy more storage if I want to be able to post pictures on my blogs. Am I the only one surprised about this? I was totally not expecting to have to pay to be able to upload pictures onto my blogs. So now I'm debating whether I just stop blogging altogether or suck it up and buy storage from Google, OR choose a different blog site provider and still pay for space to upload pictures?

Now I was looking online for a different blog provider that I will have to pay for and I cam across Squarespace. Has anyone had any experience with them?  I am a total sucker for good commercials (or any advertisement really, it's kinda sad. My husband gives me a hard time sometimes because a commercial for ice cream will come up, and two seconds later I'm like "ooo I want ice-cream!"), anyways, I am considering it.

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