Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hair Bow Tutorial

Have you ever seen those super cute hair bows in stores and then look at the price tag and go "that much for a couple of bows??!!" I don't know about you but I have and because I couldn't justify paying that much for two pairs of bows I decided I would make my own, I mean how hard can it really be right?? That's exactly right! I found some cute ribbon in my stash of ribbon that I wanted to make bows out of and took some bobby pins from a stash I already had and plugged in my hot glue gun and started to make hair bows!

What you'll need :

Ribbon of your choice
Hot glue gun
Bobby pins or other type of hair pin

First you choose what ribbon you want to use, I wanted to use this green with white polka dot one!
Then you make your bow! You can make it as big or as small as you want. You can leave little "tails" on your bow or chop them off.

Then you grab your bobby pin.(yes, I took a picture of it) :)

Then you apply a small drop of hot glue onto the back of your bow and place it wherever you want on the bobby pin

And you're done!!! yup It was THAT easy!! I couldn't stop there so I made a couple more!

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  1. I know, those thing could actually rob you. That's right I learned to make them myself when my surprise baby girl came. . . You should check my website and see.