Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Black and White Photo Linky Party!

While surfing bloggland I came across Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures and they are doing a black and white photo linky party!! Just my luck! Now i've never been apart of a linky party before but i'm kinda excited. Now you've probably have seen these pictures on my blog before but they're some of my favorites so these are the ones i'm entering.


  1. Wow. They are all prettty cool, but I think I am in love with the tractor. Great photos.

  2. oh great pictures and i also love the tractor shot!

  3. Love the photos! I think the tractor is cool but I love the barbed wire!

  4. Great pics! I'm your newest follower! Hope you'll follow me back! You should check out Debbiedoo's Blogging & Blabbing blog, she does a newbie linky party for people who have been either blogging less then a year OR have under 100 followers. It's a great way to meet more bloggers & gain more followers! Here's the link:
    Hope this helps! Allison @ leomommyof4.blogspot.com

  5. I am a sucker for old tractors and milk cans. Your photo treatment of them is wonderful. I saw them on the B/W party and had to come visit. I agree, you should also visit Debbie Doos, just because she is a nice person, energetic, and should have her own show on OWN.
    (I love supporting my blog friends.)

  6. Hi Karina,
    I was wondering if you are still willing to be a guest judge for next week’s portrait photo linky party? If it is possible for you to decide by Wednesday the 15th in the evening sometime I would appreciate it. I will post the winners on Thursday and the linky party will close Wed at 6pm.
    Let me know what you think. Thanks.

  7. Thank you all for such great comments!! I am all giddey at having my first comments!! Tracy, I'm so so sorry I didn't get to you in time! I never checked my comments before and when I decided I should just for the sake of it, low and behold I had a bunch!! I promise I will be better at keeping up with comments from now on!!