Monday, July 1, 2013

Wire Wrapped Cabinet Pull

I am slowly remodeling the studio bathroom, on a budget of course. And the cabinet handle that was there was pretty ugly. Pained several times and the paint was chipping. So I set out to find the perfect cabinet pull that was fun and colorful. Being my picky self I couldn't settle on one that I liked both in looks and price so instead of going out and buying one I decided to make the existing one pretty. Now I could of easily just spray painted it and bam it would have been done in under 2 minutes. But I wanted something unique so I set out to wire wrap the handle in some pretty green beads! It was incredibly easy! I first sanded down the handle (more like my husband did it for me) and then I started wrapping! I thought it would go with the purple bathroom. Not to mention this project cost me nothing since I already had all the materials on hand. (the color is "grape juice" by Valspar)

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