Monday, October 15, 2012

Vacation Time!

Well we did it! We took our first vacation this last week! We flew down to San Diego and stayed for a week! It was so much fun! We tried new food, went to the beach (a REAL one, not like the "beaches" here in Oregon), visited a ton of museums and even went to the San Diego Zoo!! It was great to get away and be somewhere completely new. I don't know why, but I somehow didn't end up taking many pictures of our trip....I know what kind of person am I!!??? well I finally got some of the ones I did take off the camera, and here they are! So if you are ever in San Diego I highly recommend going to Balboa Park and seeing all of the awesome museums there, and of course the San Diego Zoo! As for food, well if you are vegan/vegetarian (although they do have some chicken and fish meals) and you are in Oceanside you MUST go to the Hill Street Cafe! OMG they are amazing! After we found this place I think we ate there three out of the 5 days we were there. If vegan/vegetarian food is not your thing and burgers are more your thing try the Burger Lounge my husband LOVED their burgers, as for me well they did have 1 thing on the menu that I could eat that was vegan, and that was their quinoa salad. Let me just say that it was absolutely delicious! and the portions where HUGE! So I would order half a salad unless you are completely ravenous ;) Oh and did I mention that It was partially a work trip for me too?? I am now licenced to teach Zumba Sentao! Woohoo!!



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