Monday, April 16, 2012

DIY Chain Bracelet

I came across a picture of a similar bracelet on Pinterest and I thought, "hey, I can make one!". So I went to Walmart and bought some chain, a strand of rhinestones, ,and some leather cord (I already had the white cording). All in all I think I spent about $7 and have enough to make another one. I didn't take pictures of every step but I hope I can walk you through it it's very simple, I promise!

  • two pieces of chain the length that it takes to go around your wrist
  • one strand of rhinestones the same length as your chain
  • enough leather cording so you can weave it in and out of one of the chains
  • enough white cording so you can wrap around the rhinestones
  • clasps of your choice
  • two jump rings
  • two rhinestone end clasps
  • pliers
(The clasps, jump rings, and the end clasps for the rhinestone strand all came with the chain and rhinestone strand that I bought.)

I weaved the leather cording through one of the chain pieces then I laid all three pieces next to each other and then took my white cording and started to wrap the rhinestone strand to both pieces of chain. Then tie a knot on both of the cords and then using pliers open up the jump rings and put one on each end and put in your closures in  and using your pliers again close the jump rings and ta da! You have a cool new bracelet!  

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