Monday, July 25, 2011

Bulletin Board Makeover

I bought a cork/magnetic white board several months back and it had just been sitting there in the kitchen on the floor, just waiting for me to find it a home on my wall. Well I found a frame that worked and painted it white and hot glued him in! The frame opening was slightly too small but I wasn't going to go out and buy a frame just for it, and I didn't really want to cut my white board. So instead I embraced the fact that there was just going to be a ledge and I use that space to put the dry-erase marker and the pencil! It works perfect in the slightly awkward wall space by the back door that leads into the laundry room! I added some white cup hooks under it and now all our keys are easily accessible! It came with some plain and kind of ugly magnets so I attached a flower to them and put a rhinestone in the center of each of them. So now they're pretty not pretty ugly!

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