Sunday, June 20, 2010

Home Made Pecan Maple Ice-Cream

Well yesterday I told you i'd share my experience on making ice cream for the first time. it goes. On friday (day before my birthday) I went crazy in the kitchen I made home made ice cream and I also made myself a pre-birthday birthday cake (previous post) and then decided to make it a pre-birthday birthday party and invited my mom and brother over and so I made some meatloaf too. Anyways when I went to make ice cream I found this recipe online for pecan maple ice-cream but I didn't know if it would would for my ice-cream machine so I found this recipe that my ice-cream machine came with for vanilla ice cream, well i'm not known for following recipes well so I kinda "blended" the two recipes together my way and the end result was awesome everyone loved my ice-cream, and for my first time ever making it I was proud of myself.

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